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Aging is a Universal Problem and a Growing Opportunity:

"How can we leverage technology

to transform the future of caregiving?"


A digital voice assistant

that expands professional, in-home care coverage to 24/7 with less work & stress.


offering 3 New breakthrough solutions For Caregivers



For Caregivers

Simple and easy to use ... all they need is their voice!


Set Reminders for Medication or

Doctor Appointments


Play games, listen to music or audio books - have fun!


Make calls or send messages


Each Amazon Echo Covers 1,000 sq/ft*


Multiple Units offer

Whole House Coverage



*WiFi Included with all our systems.

Back-up for Caregivers: 

Our highly trained urgent response agents are always there & on your team.


Expand Your Care:  

From part-time coverage to a 24/7 solution. Increase customer retention.


3X Faster: 

Connect to an urgent response operator in 8 seconds (on average) versus 30 seconds or more for most panic buttons.

83% More Reliable:  

Than traditional wearable panic buttons that user forget or refuse to wear.



with Automatic Updates

Our highly trained staff will call daily, at a convenient time, to make sure there are no issues in the home.  This helps to make even the days a caregiver isn’t scheduled… worry free!

Once the call is complete, an automatic update is sent via email to the approved contacts.  Simple!


To Expand Your Services to 24/7 with

Constant Companion

Make Life & Caregiving

Better, Faster & Smarter


Constant Companion

Partner Program

  • No Equipment to Buy – Ever

  • Zero due at signing

  • One low monthly monitoring service fee

  • Free Two-day Shipping

  • 24/7 Service & Support

  • All equipment is fully programmed for you

  • WiFi is built in & included

  • Simple & easy!

Whether you are small or large, take your customer care to new levels with Alexa for Caregiving and our Urgent Response Team!

What our customers are saying...


30-day, risk-free trial to get 24/7 protection for less than $1 per day

(No equipment to buy, just one low monthly service fee - everything you need is included.)

" Constant Companion is great!  My daughters wanted me to start wearing a medical alert pendant.  I told them both that I love them -- but absolutely NO WAY would I wear one of those.  That's when we found Constant Companion which is completely voice activated.  
Now I talk to Alexa every day and I am protected at home 24/7
- Invisibly!" 
Margie C.

Who we are

Protecting more than 140,000 families, 24/7

The urgent response centers at Constant Companion are 5 Diamond rated, UL approved and are A+ Rated by the Better Business Bureau.


With Constant Companion - Care is Always There.


Constant Companion provides the feeling and reality of security at home.  With a simple voice command, they'll quickly be connected to our Response Center for assistance.


No other medical alert system can give your loved one

this level of freedom.




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