Care That's Always There

Constant Companion Care is Always There

When we started Constant Companion, our goal was to support caregivers and families of older adults, those with disabilities or anyone needing a bit of extra help.

Our mission is to make people’s lives better.

To do that we use empathy, data and AI powered voice and video solutions that create engaging experiences. Our easy-to-use systems are purpose-built to keep people more connected, engaged, and protected. They are specially designed to help people live safer and more independent lives with dignity.

That has never been more important than right now.

During these challenging times caregivers are being called on to do more than ever before.

To support you, our service is more powerful and reliable than ever, including: upgraded connection speeds to support video calls with friends, family and caregivers is now standard.

We have made major investments in our solutions to make them better for families and caregivers everywhere. Take a look and feel free to speak with one of our customer care specialists and voice experts. They are here to be of service and love to help!

Our solutions are designed so that care is always there, when a human caregiver can’t be. We believe that together – we can deliver the perfect combination for amazing care.

Thank you for all you do providing care and for including us in the great work you do serving others. A high honor.

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Better Outcomes Start Here

Our purpose at Constant Companion is to improve people’s lives and provide help when it's needed most. We make customized, ultra-secure, smart and safe security-enabled, voice-assist home systems that have a privacy guarantee, are easy to use and fun! Backed by innovative AI voice technology, data and compassion, we developed Constant Companion to assist people, create moments of joy and reduce loneliness while providing A+ rated emergency medical response.

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The Help Caregivers Need

We help caregiver heroes, both professionals and those who do it for love, by giving them 24/7 assistance and peace of mind knowing that care is always there. We provide the feeling and reality of security at home. With a simple voice command, they'll quickly be connected to our Urgent Response Center for assistance. So you can ensure that care is always there even if a caregiver isn’t physically with them.

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Live Connected – Simply

We are technology geniuses, cyber and physical security experts, dedicated clinicians, operations specialists, service customization zealots... and caregivers ourselves. With our knowledge and experience, we are revolutionizing voice-first security and caregiving technologies.