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HIPAA compliant voice and video communications.
  • Video Assessments
    Video Assessments Made Easy

    MembercareHub provides secure, HIPAA-compliant voice and video communications for care coordinator assessments, care team connections and more.

  • Social Determinants of Health
    Social Determinants of Health

    With video, care coordinators can see the environment to assess for SDOH concerns, which may account for up to 80 percent of health issues.

  • Improve Engagement
    Improve Engagement

    Improve engagement with an easy-to-use tool for communication and interaction.

  • From MembercareHub to HomecareHub
    Dual Purpose

    When adopted at the provider level, the same devices used for MembercareHub become the HomecareHub for HIPAA compliant patient conversations with providers. Next level care at home for at-risk, behavioral care, transitional, and chronic care management. Improves efficiency and quality while reducing costs.

  • Medication Reminders
    Medication Reminders

    Easy to set or change ongoing reminder announcements for medications. Just say set a reminder and the system walks you through the rest.

  • Call the Nurse Option
    Call the Nurse Option

    For health plans with a nurse hotline, the systems can be installed with the nurses and pre-programmed with a Call the Nurse for questions option.

Care That's Always There

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Simple Hub Setup

On delivery, just plug it in. Everything is fully pre-programmed. Works with home internet backed up by built-in cellular Wi-Fi that runs on over 200 networks.

Whole Person Approach

Keeps people engaged, connected, and protected. 24/7 Call for Help from any room. Reminders, timers, and alarms, with more options available.

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Managed Solutions

  • Voice-Activated Voice or Video Calls
  • Medication Reminders
  • 24/7  Professionally Monitored Call for Help
  • Supports Social Determinants of Health
  • Secure, Encrypted HIPAA Compliant Networks

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