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With HomecareHub, Improve Outcomes and Reduce Costs.

The optimal hospital at home platform for long-term, chronic care management.


Voice and video medication reminders



Voice-activated “Call the Nurse” for questions



Voice-activated “Call for Help” with 24/7 urgent response center 


HomecareHub provides secure, HIPAA compliant voice and video communications.
  • Hospital at Home
    Hospital at Home

    ​Amid the pandemic, "hospital at home" programs are taking off across the U.S. thanks to communications technology, portable medical equipment and teams of doctors, nurses, X-ray techs and paramedics.

  • Advanced Patient Discharge
    Advanced Patient Discharge

    Adding HomecareHub​ at discharge and beyond may help in reducing unnecessary hospital emergency room visits or readmissions

  • Discharged, but not Disconnected
    Discharged, but not Disconnected

    Keep patients Engaged, Connected, and Protected with voice-assistant technology, reminders, timers, alarms and much more.

  • HomecareHub

    Next-generation homecare​ for behavioral, transitional, and chronic care management. • Efficient communication. • Cost-effective care delivery. • May help reduce unnecessary ER visits and hospital readmissions.

  • Medication Reminders
    Medication Reminders

    Easy to set medication reminders • Announced • Ongoing • Snooze option • Easy to adjust for new medications or schedule

  • Call the Nurse
    Call the Nurse

    If your health system has a nurse hotline, equip the nurses and key patients with HomecareHub for easy accessibility.

Care That's Always There

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Designed to improve communication that may reduce hospital readmissions with select patient populations.

Simple Hub Setup

On delivery, just plug it in. Everything is fully pre-programmed. Works with home internet or built-in cellular Wi-Fi that runs on over 200 networks.

Voice-Activated Communication

Deliver important reminders by voice and video. Call the Nurse for questions or Call for Help from any room, available 24/7.

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Managed Solutions

  • Voice-Activated Voice or Video Calls
  • Medication Reminder Announcements
  • 24/7  Professionally Monitored Call for Help
  • Improves the Social Determinants of Health
  • Secure, Encrypted HIPAA Compliant Networks

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